About Us

Microgreen Queens of Gujarat – Mali Greens

Welcome to Mali Greens. We are Urban Farm in Ahmedabad.
🍀🍀Microgreen Mix Salad box available for weekly subscription. 🌿🌱
Growing more than 20 varieties of microgreens like Broccoli, Radish, Mustatd, Sunflower, Spinach, Beetroot and many more.
The seeds used are Open pollinated 🌷🐝, chemical treatment free ❌, non GMO 💚.
We are growing our microgreens naturally without any pesticides or chemicals and with lots of love 💓…
We delivery freshly harvested microgreens directly to your doorstep. The box contains 5 to 7 varieties of microgreens, each week the menu changes.

Who are we?

Mali Greens is an urban farm and consultancy service founded by Aditi Mali, who is an urban agriculture and town planning expert. She was inspired to rethink the food availability and sustainability issues that arose during the pandemic lockdown and has been since, researching and implementing projects and ideas that can help secure food and nutrition security for the urban populace.

Aside from growing tasty and healthy food, Mali Greens also organizes workshops and community activities to teach citizens on how to grow their own food and provides farming/agro activity consultancy to individuals and commercial entities.

Our Founder

Aditi Mali
Farmer · Academician · Urban Planner · Consultant
Founder of Mali Greens, an Urban Farm in Ahmedabad.

Aditi Mali was awarded the Young Development Agriculturalist 2021 (overseas based) Award by The Tropical Agricultural Association (TAA), United Kingdom (UK).

Young Development Agriculturalist 2021 (overseas based): Aditi Solanki Mali
For pioneering efforts in engaging urban planners and citizens in the value of urban food systems to service dietary needs of urban dwellers in India
Aditi graduated with an M.Sc in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security from the Royal Agricultural University in 2018, where she was awarded the distinction and best research project prize. On returning to India her subsequent work has focused on food systems in the urban context, bringing together disciplines of horticulture and urban planning.  She founded Mali Greens in January 2021 in the middle of the COVID pandemic, growing a wide variety of vegetables (microgreens) in a vertical indoor farm in Ahmedabad and selling products to the urban market.
 (https://taa.org.uk/what-we-do/award-of-honours/previous-recipients-of-honours/ )

She earned her Bachelors of Urban Planning (Bachelors of Urban Planning) from Center for Environment Planning & Technology (CEPT) Ahmedabad, India and her MSc in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security from Royal Agriculture University (RAU) Cirencester, UK. She has been teaching planning and urban agriculture at institutes like NID Paldi, CEPT Ahmedabad and Nirma University and is very passionate about Agriculture and Sustainable Food procurement practices.